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Granting eProxy Authorizations

Students can Grant Authorizations through the eProxy Central Suite. You will need to log in with your UTEID to access the suite. Then, you can authorize someone to act as an eProxy on your behalf. Click on images to see larger screen shots.

screenshot 1 - eproxy central

From the Granter Options you can either Approve a Pending Request or create a new authorization for someone.

If you know the UTEID of your parent/guardian, you can authorize them without waiting for them to request the authorization. Just enter their UTEID and select Manage Authorizations.
screenshot 2 - granter options screenshot 3 - enter EID of parent

On the next screen, you can indicate the relationship of the person you want to add as an eProxy. You can also decide which options you want to grant access for and how long.

screenshot 4 - indicate relationship screenshot 5 - select authorizations

Remember to click Add/Update Authorizations to commit the updates.

You can change these authorizations at any time. You can authorize anyone to become an eProxy for you, including parents, guardians, spouses and siblings. For more information, click on the Help link at the top right corner of the screen or the UTEID help suite.