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eProxy - The easy way to pay!

Learn about UT's eProxy system and how you can become a proxy for someone, or authorize someone for yourself.

A proxy is a person authorized to act for another person. An eProxy is someone who has obtained a UTEID and has been granted the authority to access another person's electronic records through the web services offered here at UT. An eProxy is authorized by service (so you may be authorized for one service but not another), and each authorization is valid for up to one year as specified by the granter.

You may grant "eProxy" status to others who may view your housing statement online. eProxy is a system that allows you to authorize others to view information about you and pay bills for you. You can authorize your parents or guardian to view your Housing Status, Housing Bill Information, Dine In Dollars Balance and Dine In Dollars Transactions. You can also authorize your parents to pay your bill online and add funds to your Dine In Dollars or Bevo Pay accounts.

These authorizations are valid for electronic (web) services only, and do not apply to communications with the university by phone, by mail, in person, or by any other method.

An introduction to eProxy


For Parents, Guardians, etc.:

Get your own UTEID (UT Secure Login ID)
You’ll need one to be an eProxy.

Requesting Authorization
Learn about the request process.

Using an eProxy Session
View how to access UT Applications as an eProxy.

For Students:

Granting Authorization
Learn how to authorize an eProxy to act on your behalf.



Get started with eProxy here