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Requesting eProxy access!

Becoming an eProxy is easy. From the eProxy intro page, go to eProxy central in UTDirect. You will need to log in with your UT EID. Now you can select Request to Be an eProxy to submit the request. First you need to create a profile in order to request authorization. Click on images to see larger screen shots.

requesting_screen1 requesting_screen2

Fill out the information and then choose Request Authorizations at the bottom. We use the email address you enter here to contact you when the request is approved or denied. You can always return to this page to review your information.


Now enter the UTEID of the person you want to be an eProxy for.


Indicate your Relationship to the granter through the dropdown field and review the possible service options.

This table shows all eProxy service options. Check the ones you want to request authorizations for. Please note: if you are extending authorization and the expiration date displayed is in the past, enter (type in) the new expiration date that you are requesting - up to 364 days in the future.

requesting_screen5 requesting_screen6

Click Submit Request at the bottom. An email is sent to the granter, letting them know you want to be an eProxy. They will need to approve your request within 2 weeks, otherwise it will be automatically cancelled. We will email you to let you know as soon as they have acted on the request.


Learn how to Use an eProxy Session.